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School of Physics

Understanding Life in Extreme Environments

10 – 11 November
The next in a series of events from the Physics of Life Network.

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The 2014 Bolton Lecture in Astronomy

On 12th November, this free public event aims to bring current developments in astronomy to a wide audience.

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Research Highlight

Quantum simulations on your desk
Probing the ultra-small world of subatomic particles doesn't have to involve machinery on the scale of the LHC at CERN - small scale, table-top experiments that complement the particle colliders may be possible using ‘quantum simulation' methods for high energy physics developed by Jiannis K Pachos at Leeds.

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Leeds embarks on biggest ever academic recruitment drive
250 new opportunities for academic researchers are offered across the University. Find out more ›

Grant Award

Dr Kevin Critchley has been awarded a grant from the India-UK Scientific...


‘Endless possibilities’ for bio-nanotechnology

New study demonstrates how stable ‘lipid membranes’ – the thin ‘skin’ that...



Dr Kevin Critchley and his PhD student, Andrew Harvie will be demonstrating...


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