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Geoff Weir

Senior Research Fellow

After completing my BSc in Physics I stayed on at Leeds for a PhD in Theoretical Physics followed by a Research Fellowship. In 1983 I joined the Oil Recovery Projects Division of the UK Atomic Energy Authority at Winfrith, Dorset to work on a variety of oil and gas related projects on behalf of the Department of Energy. My work included investigating the feasibility of enhanced oil recovery projects for the North Sea; writing a numerical simulator to analyse laboratory core flood experiments; and tutoring DOE staff at their London Offices on the use of reservoir simulation.

In 1986 I joined Shell EXPRO in London as a reservoir engineer and became the team leader for reservoir engineering software support and development within the UK. I supervised the upgrade of their in-house gas reservoir simulator, central to yearly nominations to British Gas worth many millions of pounds. I then transferred to Shell's international offices in The Hague in 1990, to manage the migration of Shell's entire suite of reservoir engineering software from a text-based system to a 'windows' environment (and this was prior to Bill Gates' arrival on the scene!).

In 1992 I moved to Brunei Shell Petroleum, in Borneo, as Head of Planning and Liaison responsible for reporting on the company's reserves, predicting future production performance, maintaining the long term drilling sequence, monitoring the progress of all the company's development studies and giving support to the strategic planning department. In 1997 I moved to Perth, Australia with Shell as the Principal Reservoir Engineer responsible for leading a multi-disciplinary team tasked with reserves reporting and production forecasting for the North West Shelf. After two years in this position I transferred to a joint venture planning group to work on expansion plans for the liquified natural gas (LNG) and domestic gas business.

In April 2000 I joined the staff of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Curtin University as a Senior Research Fellow specialising in reservoir simulation and engineering, lecturing in reservoir management and integrated team practices. In early 2002, shortly after being promoted to the position of Associate Professor I became the Department's Director of postgraduate studies