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Dr Simon D A Connell

Molecular and Nanoscale Physics Group

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Robinson C, Connell SD Crystal Initiation Structures in Developing Enamel: Possible Implications for Caries Dissolution of Enamel Crystals Frontiers in Physiology 8 -, 2017
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Adal E, Sadeghpour A, Connell S, Rappolt M, Ibanoglu E, Sarkar A Heteroprotein Complex Formation of Bovine Lactoferrin and Pea Protein Isolate: A Multiscale Structural Analysis Biomacromolecules 18 625-635, 2017
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Aufderhorst-Roberts A, Chandra U, Connell SD Three-Phase Coexistence in Lipid Membranes Biophysical Journal 112 313-324, 2017
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Edwards NWM, Best EL, Connell SD, Goswami P, Carr CM, Wilcox MH, Russell SJ Role of surface energy and nano-roughness in the removal efficiency of bacterial contamination by nonwoven wipes from frequently touched surfaces Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 18 197-209, 2017
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Whyte CS, Chernysh IN, Domingues MM, Connell S, Weisel JW, Ariens RAS, Mutch NJ Polyphosphate delays fibrin polymerisation and alters the mechanical properties of the fibrin network Thrombosis and Haemostasis 116 897-903, 2016
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Aufderhorst-Roberts A, Heath GR, Goodchild JA, Connell SD The Ternary Lipid Phase Diagram by AFM, 2016

Heath GR, Evans SD, Connell SD Fluctuating Lipid Nanodomains Near Critical Transitions, 2016

Domingues MM, Macrae FL, Duval C, McPherson HR, Bridge KI, Ajjan RA, Ridger VC, Connell SD, Philippou H, Ariëns RAS Thrombin and fibrinogenγ' impact clot structure by marked effects on intrafibrillar structure and protofibril packing Blood 127 487-495, 2016
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Leite NB, Aufderhorst-Roberts A, Palma MS, Connell SD, Neto JR, Beales PA PE and PS Lipids Synergistically Enhance Membrane Poration by a Peptide with Anticancer Properties Biophysical Journal 109 936-947, 2015
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Domingues M, Duval C, McPherson HR, Ajjan RA, Ridger VC, Connell SD, Philippou H, Ariens RA Thrombin and fibrinogen gamma' regulate protofibril packing within the fibrin fiber leading to changes in clot structure and strength JOURNAL OF THROMBOSIS AND HAEMOSTASIS 13 56-56, 2015

Heath GR, Roth J, Connell SD, Evans SD Diffusion in low-dimensional lipid membranes. Nano Lett 14 5984-5988, 2014
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Duval C, Allan P, Connell SDA, Ridger VC, Philippou H, Ariëns RAS Roles of fibrinα- and γ-chain specific cross-linking by FXIIIa in fibrin structure and function. Thromb Haemost 111 842-850, 2014
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Vakurov A, Galluzzi M, Podestà A, Gamper N, Nelson AL, Connell SDA Direct characterization of fluid lipid assemblies on mercury in electric fields. ACS nano 8 3242-3250, 2014
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Heath GR, Abou-Saleh RH, Peyman SA, Johnson BRG, Connell SD, Evans SD Self-assembly of actin scaffolds on lipid microbubbles SOFT MATTER 10 694-700, 2014

Heath GR, Johnson BRG, Olmsted PD, Connell SD, Evans SD Actin assembly at model-supported lipid bilayers Biophysical Journal 105 2355-2365, 2013
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van Geersdaele LK, Stead MA, Harrison CM, Carr SB, Close HJ, Rosbrook GO, Connell SD, Wright SC Structural basis of high-order oligomerization of the cullin-3 adaptor SPOP. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr 69 1677-1684, 2013
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Connell SD, Heath G, Olmsted PD, Kisil A Critical point fluctuations in supported lipid membranes FARADAY DISCUSSIONS 161 91-111, 2013

Allan P, Uitte de Willige S, Abou-Saleh RH, Connell SD, Ariëns RAS Evidence that fibrinogenγ' directly interferes with protofibril growth: implications for fibrin structure and clot stiffness. J Thromb Haemost 10 1072-1080, 2012
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Connell SDA Methods To Study Lipid Membranes: AFM In The Encyclopedia of Biophysics , 2012
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Williams TL, Johnson BRG, Urbanc B, Jenkins ATA, Connell SDA, Serpell LC A beta 42 oligomers, but not fibrils, simultaneously bind to and cause damage to ganglioside-containing lipid membranes BIOCHEM J 439 67-77, 2011

William TL, Johnson BRG, Urbanc B, Jenkins ATA, Connell SDA, Serpell LC Aβ42 oligomers, but not fibrils, simultaneously bind to and cause damage to ganglioside-containing lipid membranes Biochemical Journal 439 67-77, 2011
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Allan P, de Willige SU, Connell S, Ariens R Fibrinogen gamma ' modulates clot structure and stiffness through impaired protofibril formation JOURNAL OF THROMBOSIS AND HAEMOSTASIS 9 262-262, 2011

Crampton N, Alzahrani K, Beddard GS, Connell SD, Brockwell DJ Mechanically unfolding protein L using a laser-feedback-controlled cantilever. Biophys J 100 1800-1809, 2011
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Das C, Sheikh KH, Olmsted PD, Connell SD Nanoscale mechanical probing of supported lipid bilayers with atomic force microscopy PHYS REV E 82 -, 2010

Carvalho FA, Connell S, Miltenberger-Miltenyi G, Pereira SV, Tavares A, Ariens RAS, Santos NC Atomic Force Microscopy-Based Molecular Recognition of a Fibrinogen Receptor on Human Erythrocytes ACS NANO 4 4609-4620, 2010

Kurk T, Adams DG, Connell SD, Thomson NH Three-channel false colour AFM images for improved interpretation of complex surfaces: a study of filamentous cyanobacteria. Ultramicroscopy 110 718-722, 2010
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Han XJ, Achalkumar AS, Cheetham MR, Connell SDA, Johnson BRG, Bushby RJ, Evans SD A Self-assembly Route for Double Bilayer Lipid Membrane Formation CHEMPHYSCHEM 11 569-574, 2010

Sudhakar AA, Han XJ, Connell SD, Jonson B, Bushby RJ, Evans SD COLL 373-Self-assembly route for double bilayer lipid membrane formation ABSTR PAP AM CHEM S 238 -, 2009

Abou-Saleh RH, Connell SD, Harrand R, Ajjan RA, Mosesson MW, Smith DAM, Grant PJ, Ariëns RAS Nanoscale probing reveals that reduced stiffness of clots from fibrinogen lacking 42 N-terminal Bbeta-chain residues is due to the formation of abnormal oligomers. Biophys J 96 2415-2427, 2009
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Sisu C, Baron AJ, Branderhorst HM, Connell SD, Weijers CAGM, de Vries R, Hayes ED, Pukin AV, Gilbert M, Pieters RJ, Zuilhof H, Visser GM, Turnbull WB The influence of ligand valency on aggregation mechanisms for inhibiting bacterial toxins. Chembiochem 10 329-337, 2009
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Ajjan R, Lim B, Standeven KF, Harrand R, Dolling SJ, Phoenix FA, Greaves R, Abou-Saleh RH, Connell S, Smith DAM, Weisel JW, Grant PJ, Ariens RAS Common variation in the C-terminal region of the fibrinogen beta-chain: Effects on fibrin structure, fibrinolysis and clot rigidity Blood 111 643-650, 2008

Ajjan R, Lim B, Standeven KF, Harrand R, Dolling SJ, Phoenix FA, Greaves R, Abou-Saleh RH, Connell SDA, Smith DAM, Weisel JW, Grant PJ, Ariens RAS Common variation in the C-terminal region of the fibrinogen beta-chain: Effects on fibrin structure, fibrinolysis and clot rigidity, 2007

Read N, Connell SDA, Adams DG Nanoscale Visualization of a Fibrillar Array in the Cell Wall of Filamentous Cyanobacteria and Its Implications for Gliding Motility. Journal of Bacteriology 189 7361-7366, 2007

Robinson C, Yamamoto K, Connell SD, Kirkham J, Nakagaki H, Smith AD The effects of fluoride on the nanostructure and surface pK of enamel crystals: an atomic force microscopy study of human and rat enamel EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORAL SCIENCES 114 99-104, 2006

Jeuken LJC, Connell SDA, Henderson PJF, Gennis RB, Evans SD, Bushby RJ Redox Enzymes in Tethered Membranes Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 1711-1716, 2006
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Connell SDA, Smith DAM The atomic force microscope as a tool for studying phase separation in lipid membranes Molecular Membrane Biology 23 17-28, 2006

Robinson C, Connell SD, Kirkham J, Smith DAM Regular nano-domains in apatite crystals from developing enamel: Implications for crystal assembly from subunits and protein binding sites for growth modulation, 2005

Robinson C, Connell S, Brookes SJ, Kirkham J, Shore RC, Smith DAM Surface chemistry of enamel apatite during maturation in relation to pH: implications for protein removal and crystal growth Archives of Oral Biology 267-270, 2005
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Jeuken LJC, Connell SDA, Nurnabi M, O'Reilly J, Henderson PJF, Evans SD, Bushby RJ Direct electrochemical interaction between a modified gold electrode and a bacterial membrane extract Langmuir 21 1481-1488, 2005
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Hamley IW, Connell SD, Collins S In situ atomic force microscopy imaging of adsorbed block copolymer micelles MACROMOLECULES 37 5337-5351, 2004

Hamley IW, Connell SDA, Collins S In Situ Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Adsorbed Block Copolymer Micelles Macromolecules 37 5337-5351, 2004

Robinson C, Connell SDA, Kirkham J, Shore R, Smith DAM Dental enamel—a biological ceramic: regular substructures in enamel hydroxyapatite crystals revealed by atomic force microscopy Journal of Materials Chemistry 14 2242-2248, 2004

Hamley IW, Connell SD, Collins S In situ AFM imaging of block copolymer micelles adsorbed on a solid substrate., 2004

Robinson C, Connell S, Kirkham J, Shore R, Smith A Dental enamel - a biological ceramic: regular substructures in enamel hydroxyapatite crystals revealed by atomic force microscopy J MATER CHEM 14 2242-2248, 2004

Robinson C, Connell S, Kirkham J, Brookes SJ, Shore RC, Smith DAM The Effect of Fluoride on the Developing Tooth Caries Research 38 268-276, 2004
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Connell SD, Collins S, Fundin J, Yang Z, Hamley IW In situ atomic force microscopy imaging of block copolymer micelles adsorbed on a solid substrate LANGMUIR 19 10449-10453, 2003

Connell SDA, Collins S, Fundin LJ, Yang Z, Hamley IW In Situ Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Block Copolymer Micelles Adsorbed on a Solid Substrate Langmuir 19 10449-10453, 2003

Arlens RA, Lim BC, Connell SD, Smith AD, Weisel JW, Grant PJ Cross-linking of fibrin by factor XIII and its effect on fibrin structure/function, 2003

Smith DAM, Connell SDA, Robinson C, Kirkham J Chemical force microscopy; applications in surface characterisation of natural hydroxyapatite Analytica Chimica Acta 479 39-57, 2003

Robinson C, Shore RC, Wood SR, Brookes SJ, Smith DAM, Wright JT, Connell SDA, Kirkham J Subunit Structures in Hydroxyapatite Crystal Development in Enamel: Implications for Amelogenesis Imperfecta Connective Tissue Research 44 65-71, 2003
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Hinder SJ, Connell SD, Davies MC, Roberts CJ, Tendler SJB, Williams PM Compositional mapping of self-assembled monolayers derivatized within microfluidic networks LANGMUIR 18 3151-3158, 2002

Connell SDA, Allen S, Roberts CJ, Davies J, Davies MC, Tendler SJB, Williams PM Investigating the interfacial properties of single-liquid nanodroplets by atomic force microscopy LANGMUIR 18 1719-1728, 2002

Connell S, Smith DA, Shore RC, Brookes SJ, Kirkham J, Robinson C Patterns of charge density on developing enamel crystals at low pH. J DENT RES 81 A491-A491, 2002

Allen S, Connell SDA, Chen X, Davies J, Davies MC, Dawkes AC, Roberts CJ, Tendler SJB, Williams PM Mapping the surface characteristics of polystyrene microtiter wells by a multimode scanning force microscopy approach J COLLOID INTERF SCI 242 470-476, 2001

Danesh A, Connell SD, Davies MC, Roberts CJ, Tendler SJ, Williams PM, Wilkins MJ An in situ dissolution study of aspirin crystal planes (100) and (001) by atomic force microscopy. Pharm Res 18 299-303, 2001
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Smith JR, Connell SD, Swift JA Stereoscopic display of atomic force microscope images using anaglyph techniques. J Microsc 196 347-351, 1999
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