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Dr Lorna Dougan

Molecular and Nanoscale Physics Group

Contact details

Room: 8.32
Tel: +44 (0)113 3438958
Email: l.dougan @


Water and aqueous solutions
Biomolecular self-assembly
Protein folding
Single molecule force spectroscopy
Neutron diffraction
Synthetic biology

Research interests

Our group is interested in using novel biophysical approaches to explore the structure and dynamics of molecules in aqueous solutions. The major theme of our multidisciplinary program involves the development of single molecule manipulation techniques as well as structural studies using neutron diffraction and computational modelling. These powerful techniques are used as tools to study biomolecular self-assembly in both simple and complex systems.

Our current areas of interest include:

- The development of instrumentation for the mechanical manipulation of single molecules

- Understanding the action of cryoprotectant molecules

- Hydrogen bonding, percolation and micro-segregation in aqueous solutions

- Protein folding, stability and dynamics under extreme environmental conditions

- The development of enabling tools and technology for synthetic biology

- The design and characterisation of artificial biological levers for molecular motors

- The self-assembly and aggregation of disease relevant peptides and proteins

You can read more about our research on the Dougan Group web site!

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