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Condensed Matter Group

Condensed Matter Group

The experimental work in the Condensed Matter Group is centred on spintronics, in particular we fabricate nanostructures from a variety of materials and investigate their properties as a function of structure, temperature and magnetic field.

We are particularly interested in electron transport in novel structures and materials. One of the strengths of this group is the ability to fabricate a wide range of structures including spin-valves, tunnel junctions, ferromagnet/superconductor junctions and quantum point contacts for Andreev scattering.  Structures are produced using, for example, shadow masks, MBE for self-organisation, lithography, templates and FIB processing.  We characterise these structures using neutron and x-ray scattering, AFM/STM and magnetometry. 

The group has a large number of collaborations and leads two;

  • Spin@RT: an EPSRC research consortium grant (£2.3M) on spintronics
  • SPINCURRENT: an ESF project on moving domain walls with currents. 

Find out more by visiting the Condensed Matter Group website.