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Undergraduate physics and astronomy degrees

Our undergraduate physics and astronomy courses give you the opportunity to not just learn physics, but to do physics.

We’ll give you the chance to do work experience placements, research placements, and real life physics projects. 

All of these opportunities help to prepare you for a rewarding career in physics, whether that’s in industry or research.

We’ll also give you the chance to spend a year studying abroad.

Our courses cover the areas of physics, theoretical physics, and astrophysics, and each can be studied as a three-year degree or a four-year integrated masters degree.

·         We achieved 90% overall student satisfaction in the latest National Student Survey (NSS).

CourseLengthUCAS codeTypical offer
Physics (MPhys,BSc)4 yearsF302AAA
Physics (BSc)3 yearsF300AAB
Physics with Astrophysics
Physics with Astrophysics (MPhys,BSc)4 yearsF3FMAAA
Physics with Astrophysics (BSc)3 yearsF3F5AAB
Theoretical Physics
Theoretical Physics (MPhys,BSc)4 yearsF340AAA
Theoretical Physics (BSc)3 yearsF3K0AAB

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CourseLengthUCAS codeTypical offer
Other subjects
Natural Sciences (MNatSc,BSc)4 yearsBCF0A*AA
History & Philosophy of Science and Physics (BSc)3 yearsFV35ABB
BSc Philosophy-Physics3 yearsFVH5AAB


Don't just learn physics. Do physics.

We believe in giving you more than just a physics education.

So, during your degree course, you’ll enjoy a number of ways to get involved in real research and solve real problems:

  1. All Leeds physics students do a project in their final year, working with one of our research groups.

    You’d plan your work, follow it through and present the results.

  2. Our Group Industrial Project optional module gives you the chance to apply physics to a real life industrial, commercial or research project.

    You’d have ownership of the project, and the opportunity to make a real contribution to an industrial client.

  3. Through our Summer Research Placements, you’ll have the chance to join one of our research groups.

    You’d work alongside physics researchers for eight weeks, be paid a weekly salary, and contribute to real research projects.

Exceptional student support during your course

Our students tell us that they enjoy studying here at Leeds because they get so much support from our friendly and approachable team.

You’d have a personal tutor, and would meet them every week during your first year.

Most of our team run an ‘open-door policy’, meaning that you can drop in to their office at any time if you need support or advice.

We also offer you a peer-mentoring scheme and an active Physics Society.

Choose a BSc or MPhys degree

All our physics and astronomy degrees are available as a three-year BSc degree, or a four-year MPhys integrated masters degree.

An integrated masters is a four-year degree that extends your studies to masters level, enhancing your physics career prospects or setting you up to pursue a PhD.

Hear from our students

Andrew Harvie

MPhys Physics with Nanotechnology

"My favourite thing about doing physics at Leeds is being able to do useful research alongside top professionals in the field."

Institute of Physics

All of our physics and astronomy degrees are accredited by the Institute of Physics (IoP).

This is a sign of quality and means that when you begin your career your degree will be recognised and valued by employers around the word.

Studying an IoP accredited degree course is the first step towards becoming a Chartered Physicist (CPhys).

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