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Communications/Achievements Proforma 2014

13th June 2014

John Fairlamb, Astrophysics Group, gave an oral presentation at the recent 'Herbig Ae/Be Stars: The Missing Link in Star Formation' conference in Chile. The conference was dedicated to the life and work of George H. Herbig (2ND January 1920 - 12th October 2013).

John's presentation focused on his work around disc accretion, which involves the largest spectoscopic sample to date on Herbig stars using the state of the art X-Shooter instrument. John discussed how there is evidence suggesting towards a breakdown in the accretion mechanisms we use for low mass stars as we move towards larger masses, which is turn could be related to the lack of magnetic fields detected in these stars so far. 

We'd like to wish congratulations to John for being accepted to present at the conference.

13th June 2014

Karim Ababakr recently showcased his research through a poster at the recent conference in Chile, 'Herbig Ae/Be Stars: The Missing Link in Star Formation'.

Karim's poster detailed his work around a spectropolarimetric and spectroscopic study in two of the most extraordinary and massive Herbig stars which show exciting features that will hopefully lead to better understanding of the most massive stars out there in the Universe.

Congratulations to Karim for be accepted to showcase his poster, you can view his poster here

4th April 2014

Congratulations to Miss Megan Hughes on being awarded the best presentation at this years Postrgraduate Symposium, held on Tuesday 1st April 2014.

Megan is part of the Dougan group in Molecular & Nanoscale Physics and is currently focusing her research on physics proteins, which are biological molecules with very important functions in the cell. These molecules have unique 3D shapes and Megan is interested in the importance of the forces that hold this 3D shape together.

To see Megan's prize winning presentation, please click here

4th April 2014

Congratulations to Miss Victoria Mico for winning the best poster prize at this years Annual Postgraduate Symposium.

The poster focused on 'Engineering lipid oil nano-droplets for hydrophobic drug delivery', and included input from Dr Sally Peyman and Professor Stephen Evans. To take a look at the winning poster, please click here

The PG Symposium is held every year at University of Leeds and is a great opportunity for PG in Physics and Astronomy to showcase their research in particular areas.

March 2014

Dr Andy Pon of the Astrophysics Group has been awarded the J.S.Plaskett medal by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and the Canadian Astronomical Society.

The prize is awarded annually to the Ph.D. graduate from a Canadian University who is judged to have submitted the most outstanding doctoral thesis in astronomy or astrophysics in the preceding two calendar years.

Further information can be found here

The School would like to congratulate Andy on this fantastic achievement.