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Careers in physics and astronomy

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Careers and employment

A degree in physics and astronomy can help to prepare you for a very rewarding career.

Jobs in physics are amongst the most highly-paid and intellectually challenging available.

Many physics students choose to carry on to study for a PhD in subjects across physics and engineering, leading to careers in both academia and industry.

Others choose to follow graduate recruitment schemes in engineering, finance, industry or IT, or train to be a teacher.

What can you do with a physics degree?

A physics degree is the route to a huge range of careers.

The skills you’ll develop during your degree in problem solving, IT, and in presenting your work will make you desirable to employers in many industries, including engineering, medicine, computer science and more.

The fact that you’ll have had to demonstrate considerable maths skills during your degree gives you a distinct edge over people lacking that background.

You might choose to start your own company, or go on to work in a whole range of industries such as:

  • Architecture
  • Astrophysics
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Environment and climate
  • Medicine
  • Technology development
  • Transport
Careers support at the University

We’ll help you to prepare for you future career by giving you lots of opportunities to develop your skills:

  • Work experience placements, which allow you to experience what it’s like to work in industry.

  • Summer research placements, which allow you to experience working on real research with academics from the School.

  • Study abroad, which helps you to experience another culture and develop life skills.

  • Institute of Physics accreditation for all of our courses, which makes your degree more valuable in the eyes of future employers, and sets you on the path to becoming a Chartered Physicist.

  • Support with CVs, interviews, job hunting and more via the University careers centre.