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Molecular and Nanoscale Physics Group

Molecular and Nanoscale Physics Group

The research interests of the group are broad, covering: life-science/physics interface; surface-fluid and surface-surface interactions; biomembranes; nanostructured materials; self-assembly of molecular and nanoparticle systems; nanoscale electronics; topographic imaging techniques and Raman spectroscopy. The work is highly interdisciplinary and we have strong national and international collaborations outside the University.

See more about our research involving the measurement of molecular forces.

Within the University, members of the group play key roles in the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology and the Centre for Molecular Nanoscience.

We have received significant funds under SRIF1 (approximately £2M) and a similar amount in SRIF 2 for bionanotechnology (Development of the AFM virtual interface) and nanotechnology (Omicron Nanoprober and ancillary equipment). In addition, members of the group have played key roles in the establishment of University Interdisciplinary Institutes for Bionanotechnology, Advanced Bio-molecular Physics and the Nanofactory.

The group has excellent experimental research facilities for the study of thin films and low dimensional systems including involvement in the establishment of new clean room facilities within electronic engineering.

Find out more by visiting the Molecular & Nanoscale Physics Group website.