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Physics Education Research Group

The Physics Education Research Group (PERG) at the University Leeds is an integral part of the School of Physics and Astronomy. Its members are active in research to gain understanding of the ways in which students learn physics and develop as physicists in the 21st Century. Results of this research allow developments in curriculum, delivery and assessment to enhance the student experience.

The group has a wide variety of interests focussing around:

  • use of technology for learning
  • collaborative learning / peer instruction
  • keeping core learning alive in students minds / effective revision strategies
  • development of students' research skills 
  • engagement with employability and 'real world' physics
  • effective assessment for different learning outcomes


"Research on the learning and teaching of physics is essential for cumulative improvement.........research conducted by physicists who are actively engaged in teaching can be the key....... to assessing the extent to which real learning takes place."

 Lillian McDermott, University of Washington, Am. J. Phys., 69 (2001) 1127

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